Community Nursing

Community Nursing

We pride ourselves in having a radiant team of Registered Nurses who will work closely with you and your medical team to keep you comfortable in your home. We tailor a care plan in consultation with you, your family, your medical team and assessed care needs. We always deliver exactly the service you want, ensuring safety and quality of care at all times. We provide basic through to specialised care. Listed below are some of the services that Uprety Home Care provides:
• Post hospital care.
• Post operative care and rehabilitation.
• Medication management (injections & monitoring).
• Pain management.
• Oxygen assistance.
• Wound management
• Catheters, colostomy & other stomas.
• PEG feeding.
• Many more as required.

Personal Care

Simple tasks that you used to be able to do, now can be difficult as you get older, or if you’re recovering from an injury. Uprety Home Care can provide Personal Care Assistance to help you with all aspects of personal hygiene and ADL’s. At Uprety Home Care, our staff are skilled, friendly, respectful, very experienced in the field and have access to RN’s 24/7.

Respite Care

Caring for your loved ones can get hard at times, and that is when we come in with our experienced staff. Let us take the worry, and provide peace of mind for you.

Live-In/Sleep Over Care

We understand that sometimes you or your loving family just need to know that somebody is there. Whether that is all the time, or just at night, we have tailored solutions to fit your individual needs. Contact Uprety Home Care to discuss ways we can keep you independent and confident at home.